Terror of Tacoma Demo

by By All Means

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released January 15, 2019



Vocals - Tokyo Thunder
Bass - Big Bear
Guitar - The Outlaw
Drums - The Killer


all rights reserved



By All Means Tacoma, Washington

We are a hardcore band from Tacoma

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Track Name: Intro/Check Your Head
By all means coming at ya like a switchblade
swift and dangerous, something you can't evade
comin at ya like the RZA, protect ya neck
Tacoma hardcore, to keep you in check

Word is bond, you can't think straight
quit trying to step to me and my kind
can't you see that we've been waiting for you?
so fuck with us and check your head
I'ver been fighting for so long
time to make it as clear as I can
never will I sit back and listen while a dusty motherfucker runs his mouth
your aspirations are dying with you
I see your coward ass quaking in your shoes
time and time we'll say again
you racist fool, now's your time to pay
You don't get it, you fucking racist, we'll put you in your place
Track Name: Ego Tripper
Get it through your skull, I’m done taking shit
You waste away your days, just take the fucking hint
Lie to me, to gas yourself up
Can’t you see that I’m not the fool you think I am
I know the truth
I know you’re just scared of what you are
You’re fucking weak
Who are you trying to impress Spitting all those lies?
I’m done playing your fucking games
It’s time for you to take a stand
I am I, but you ain’t you
This is now, and now you’re the fool
A shell of a past you
Ego tripper, watch your step
I won’t pick you up since you left me for dead
Ego tripper, I’m still alive
Watch me take back my life
Since you won’t see it, you won’t believe it
Your end is by your hand
Track Name: Harsh Reality
You don’t see it, but here’s the truth
You’ve gone and numbed yourself to everything around you
Another bottle, another pill
One day you’ll realize it wasn’t worth the high
Look at me, straight in the eyes
I want to see the person who’s been spitting lies
This isn’t you, this isn’t you
I won’t accept it, it isn’t true
Through thick and thin I’ll always be right by your side
To help you mitigate what you have tried to hide
To my family, I say I love you
I hope you understand what this has been about
Stop and think, this isn’t worth the risk
I need you to fully hear me
I love you, please stop the bleeding
I love you
I hope you hear me when I’m screaming out your name
I hope you feel it soon that you are not the same
I wish for peace, I’ll never get it
So here’s my piece, I fucking said it
Fuck you to all those drugs in you
Track Name: Red Path of War
Save your breath, you’ll never understand
Being told that you’re a now a myth
Kill us off, just to take our land
White man, our blood is on your hands
Kill us off in the name of your god
Kill the Indian to save the man
Guess what? You failed
Our kind is strong
Surviving all that you put us through
Boarding schools, to brainwash us
But here I am, proud indigenous.
Don’t you tell me I should try and forget
My pride is for their fight
Im alive to keep it strong
Stand down, don’t try and change my mind
This is the path I was born to walk
We’ll take it back, what’s rightfully ours
Awsiatyo, it’s time to push em back
Manifest destiny, that’s the bullshit that you fed us then.
So where’s this power, where’s all your bite?
Cause now we’re coming, the red path of war
Track Name: Sick of You
Can’t you see we don’t want you around
Butting in where you’re never needed
Take a hint, hit the road you fucking coward
I was born into this world with your chains
Backed up, against the wall
Get it through your head, you have no say in this
You’ve been pushing us down, now we’re pushing back
In a world where we’ve been struck down
Your point of view only interests you
Can’t you see we don’t want you around
Butting in where you’re never needed
Take a hint, hit the road you motherfucker
I was born into with world with your chains
We’re sick of you, get a fucking clue
I don’t want to repeat myself
Tribal crew, coming for you
We’re fighting back for the sake of our kind
You better be running and you better be scared, cuz you know who’s coming
Track Name: OUTRO
fuck you Tacoma is on top

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